Post 3: Physically and mentally drained.

I don’t really know why I started this blog. I’m not expecting anyone to read it – I think it’s more for myself to keep a lot of how I’m feeling.

I’m feeling drained. Physically and mentally. My body aches, my eyes feel heavy, I’m getting headaches and everything feels like a marathon. Getting out of bed is a struggle, as soon as I’m home all I want to do is sleep. I know I’m not helping myself. I’m gorging on fatty comfort foods which is only contributing to my tiredness.

Half term is coming up and I’m hoping to recharge my batteries. I’m hoping I’ll return to work fresh faced and less down.

The sadness comes in waves. It’s a rush of emotions that creep up on me and all of a sudden they crash harder then I’d ever anticipate and I feel helpless and overwhelmed. But then there are moments of calm, stillness where I feel okay, before the next wave hits me.

I’m learning to ride the waves, and to find peace in the stillness.

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